New leadership model

22 May 2017 10:06

(updated: 22 May 2017 10:40)

New leadership model

The working committee for new management model has now finalised their report about the administrative organisation. The report is circulated for comments. Please submit you comments on 24 May 2017, at the latest. Here's a summary of the report.

Download the report [in Norwegian]

NHH’s Board will consider the main structure at the board meeting in June. The rest of the organisation is up to the new management. The working group proposes the following:

- the rector’s top executive team should be small and consist of the rectors and one operational Head of Administration.

- a new position as operational head of administration is established and appointed by the Board.

- the Head of Administration will be given responsibility for communication/marketing, HR and the Office of Financial Management and Operations. The directors of these departments report to the Head of Administration.

- administrative units should be of a certain size and be divided into informal groups rather than sub-units

- the organisational structure should be flat.

- NHH Executive continues as a separate unit and the head of administration reports to the Rector. The Dean of NHH Executive is replaced by a person with academic responsibility for these programmes.

- the Head of the Unit for Projects and Leadership Support reports directly to the rector. External relations should be organised the same way as today. ‘the management secretariat’ continues as part of the unit until further notice.

Working committee for new managment model

  • Frøystein Gjesdal, Rector (leader)
  • Nina Skage, Managing Director 
  • Frode Sættem, Head of Department 
  • Siri Pettersen Strandenes, Head of Department 
  • Sigrid-Lise Nonås, leader Forskerforbundet 
  • Embla Belsvik, student

- the Office of Research Administration continues as a separate unit and reports to the Deputy Rector for Research.

- the Office of Student and Academic Affairs shall be led by the Deputy Rector for Education and consist of four units (see the separate report that, among other things, proposes the establishment of an education committee).

- it should be considered whether to separate the Section for IT Services from the Office of Financial Management and Operations and whether the IT Manager should report directly to the Head of Administration.

Committees and management teams

The working group proposes the following:

- The Department Heads’ Forum continues and forms the core of the rector’s extended management team.

- Other management teams shall not be formalised.

- A new management forum for all managers, including students holding leadership positions, shall be established to ensure that all parts of NHH work towards the same goal. Meeting frequency: once per semester.

- NHH’s Research Committee shall continue to exist and can be seen as a management team for the deputy rector for research.

- The Executive Education Programme Board continues with necessary adjustments. The Board shall have special responsibility for the quality of studies at NHHE

- The rector’s meeting with student representatives is continued (monthly).

- The Academic Management Forum (Faglig lederforum) is discontinued.

The role of leader

The working group underlines that it is important that the members of a management team are included in all processes. Once a decision is made, everyone should get behind the decision and communicate the decision and the background for it to their units. ‘Rematches’ should be avoided.


A separate report has been prepared with proposals for the further organisation of NHH’s internationalisation work. The working group proposes that responsibility for internationalisation of education be allocated to the deputy rector for education and the proposed education committee.

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