Higher education teacher and time use survey

19 June 2017 09:42

Higher education teacher and time use survey

NHH has a low response rate in NOKUT's Higher Education Teacher Survey and Time Use Survey. All faculty members who haven't yet participated, receive a reminder by email on 20 June 2017. Last chance to participate is 30 June 2017.

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The aim of the Higher Education Teacher survey is to provide a representative picture of academic staff assessments of the quality of study programs in Norwegian higher education. The teachers' perceptions and feedback are of great help to the authorities, institutions and the academic community in the work of further developing the quality of Norwegian higher education.

The Higher Education Teacher Survey will be combined with NIFU's Time Use Survey among academic staff in the higher education sector this year. The two surveys address the same population and are conducted as a collaboration between NOKUT and NIFU in order to reduce the number of surveys and limit the reporting burden in the higher education sector.

NIFU's Time Use Survey for the calendar year 2016 is closely linked to national R & D statistics. Information about time spent on R & D for employees in academic positions in the higher education sector is a vitally important indicator for calculating resource input in R & D.

The quality of the results of the surveys depend on a high response rate. We therefore encourage all who receive the questionnaire to respond to the survey!

On Monday 22 May all academic staff in Norway will receive an email with a personal link to the survey. It is important not to forward the link to others, as it is unique to the respondents own response.

The questionnaire will take about 10 minutes to answer. It begins with NIFU's part, which mainly concerns an approximate distribution of working time on various activities. Then follows NOKUT's part of the questionnaire, where you will receive questions about teaching, the students' learning outcomes, the learning environment and the examination and assessment methods.


Please contact Lene Baldersheim at Section for Analysis and Quality Assurance, Office of Student and Academic Affairs at NHH. 

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