Board candidates temporary employees

24 May 2017 10:51

(updated: 24 May 2017 11:07)

Board candidates temporary employees

Here are presentations of the four candidates for temporary employees in teaching and research positions. They are Malin Arve; Oddmund Berg; Ole-Petter Moe Hansen and Walter Pohl.


Malin Arve

Position: Assistant Professor 
Department: Business and Management Science 
Education: PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics 
Research interests: Incentives and contract theory

Why vote for Malin?
- The combination of a Norwegian background and international experience through studies and work (Toulouse School of Economics, the University of Mannheim, OECD, etc.) puts me in a unique position not only to represent the whole spectrum of non-tenured faculty at NHH but also to promote and preserve diversity within NHH. I have board experience both from Toulouse and NHH. I believe that communication across department borders is important and have therefore strived to keep regular contact with representatives on all department boards. I hope that you will vote for me and renew my appointment, says Malin.

Oddmund Berg

Position: PhD Research Scholar
Department: Economics
Education: Master from NHH
Research area: Microfoundations of macro, consumption and savings of households

Why vote for Oddmund?
I am an interested and committed person with a desire to influence the decision making of the board such that we are all set for a brighter future. Issues related to the primary staff will be my primary focus, however, my ambition is to be a valuable member of the board on all topics.

Ole-Petter Moe Hansen

Position: Assistant Professor
Department: Business and Management Science
Education: PhD in Economics
Research area: Applied econometrics

Why vote for Ole-Petter?
With ten years of experience at NHH – as a student, PhD candidate at the Econ dept., postdoc at the Business dept. and one year at the board of NHH – I know the school very well. I care a lot about digitization, and in particular to lift the IT-competence level on the Bachelor- and Master degrees. At the board, I will work for the interests of the non-tenured academic staff and in particular to ensure predictability and transparency in the job market for PhD candidates and postdocs.

Walter Pohl

Position: Assistant Professor
Department: Finance
Education: PhD in Finance from University of Texas at Dallas
Research interests: Equity markets and investor behavior, Big Data

Why vote for Walter?
NHH is Norway’s leading business school, and well-positioned to be a world leader. I would like to work with the board to both promote NHH’s international reputation, and ensure that we are on the cutting edge for both research and practice. I have previously taught at business schools in the United States and Switzerland, so I have extensive international experience. I am actively involved in teaching and research in Big Data, so I have direct contact with the technological leading edge.

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