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23 May 2017 15:39

(updated: 23 May 2017 15:57)

Board candidates faculty

Here is a presentation of the candidates for the election to the Board among permanent employees in teaching and research positions: Tor Andreassen, Mette Bjørndal, Iver Bragelien, Aksel Mjøs, Linda Orvedal, Frode Sættem, Karin Thorburn and Stein Wallace.


Position: Professor
Department: Strategy and management (SOL)
Education: NHH MBA, Norwegian Business School (BI) MSc, PhD Stockholm University – school of business
Research area: marketing/services/innovation

Why vote forTor?
I have managerial experience from business. I worked at BI for many years also as Department chair (5 yrs) and associate dean (8 yrs). At NHH, I am Director Center for Service Innovation (CSI) (2013–) and chair NHH’s Spring conference committee (2014–). I am currently on the board of directors at Karlstad Business School. Several times, I have worked or visited as academic scholar at universities (USA, Australia, Europe). In summary: I have relevant experience and can document results. 


Position: professor
Department: Business and Management Science 
Education: Siviløkonom, Dr. oecon, NHH
Research interests: Management Science, Energy Economics

Why vote for Mette? 
I want to contribute to improving research and teaching at NHH, as well as NHH’s visibility in society. We should develop more research areas at the top level internationally, in particular in the business oriented areas. We should take advantage of our excellent students and adopt more student active teaching methods. I think this will contribute to the attractiveness of NHH’s study environment. I have long experience from NHH and the education sector, as well as external boards, and I am strongly motivated to do my best for NHH. 


Position: Associate Professor, Program Director MØST
Department: Business and Management Science
Education: Siv.øk., HAE, Dr. oecon.
Research interests: Management Control

Why vote for Iver?  
I want NHH to become a better business school, by developing our study programs (e.g. international programs at the master level), by supporting both large research programs and research in smaller groups, and by effective organization of our academic and administrative activities. I am now a deputy member of the NHH Board. Previous relevant experience: Dean for the Master Studies at NHH and Head of the Norwegian Council for Business Administration Education.


Position: Associate Professor 
Department: Finance
Education: Dr.oecon. NHH 2007, MSc London Business School 1995, AFA 1990 
Research interests: Corporate Finance, banking, empirical and theoretical

Why vote for Aksel?
I am concerned about how the Norwegian School of Economics will maintain and further develop its position as an attractive alternative for both the best students, and the best faculty and staff members. As a board member, I will draw on my extensive board experience from many years in e.g. Kavli, Norwegian Hull Club and the Haraldsplass hospital. I also have business experience from e.g. Morgan Stanley, DNB and our cooperation with the Norwegian Financial Analyst Society. I was a member of the commission which proposed a new law on Norwegian foundations, and am now chairman of a commission investigating the effectiveness of the Norwegian capital market. Both assignments have given a useful understanding of Norwegian governmental processes.          


Position: Associate Professor
Department: Economics
Education:  Siv.øk. NHH, HAE, Dr. oecon.
Research interest: Economics, international trade and industrial organization

Why vote for Linda?
The organization and leadership structure of NHH is under change, and it will be important to have board members with good understanding and knowledge of all of NHH. I hope my experience, e.g., as dean of bachelor studies, and my knowledge of NHH through more than 35 years, will be valuable. I also believe my experience from other boards, such as 16 years on the board of Folketrygdfondet and 8 years on the board of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, as well as experience as chief economist at the Norwegian Competition Authority, will be relevant and useful.

Key words for my involvement are: Good educational programs, relevant research of high quality, and that NHH attends to its social responsibility.


Position: Professor, Head of Department
Department: Business and Management Science
Education: Siviløkonom HAE, Dr. oecon.
Research interests: Business Economics, Finance

Why vote for Frode? 
With long experience and after almost eight years as Head of Department, I know NHH well. NHH has an excellent academic environment as well as employees and students with a strong commitment to the school. We must build on this! We must formulate ambitious goals and take strategic steps to help us become even better in research, education, knowledge dissemination and public relations. In order to realize our ambitions, we rely on good interaction. I would therefore emphasize good processes and good cooperation between the board, the rectorate, the departments, administrative offices, employees and students.

KARIN THORBURN                                    

Position: Professor 
Department: Finance
Education: PhD in financial economics from Stockholm School of Economics
Research interests: Corporate Finance

Why vote for Karin?
I care deeply about NHH and would like to help strengthen NHH’s position as a leading business school. I have spent most of my career at a top US business school and served on Hanken’s International Advisory Board. Having worked eight years at NHH, I have a unique perspective on the school’s strengths and weaknesses in a national and international context. I believe I could help NHH find a successful path forward in a rapidly changing world.


Position: Professor
Department: Business and Management Science 
Eduation: Dr.scient. fra Universitetet i Bergen
Research interests: Logistics, energy planning, decision-making under uncertainty

Why vote for Stein?
Before NHH I held professorships at Lancaster University Management School and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have also spent full years in Seattle, Grenoble and Chengdu. My international scientific network is substantial, and I understand quite well the international academic world.

Most of our students will be operating in an international environment. It is therefore of great importance that NHH reflects this in its outlook as well as faculty. I will therefore promote the international and scientific sides of the organization, making sure we remain the leading business school in the country.  I think this is our greatest challenge in the years to come; we need to be outward-looking.

Presentations of the other candidates will be published soon.

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