Ole-Petter Moe Hansen: new at FOR

17 March 2017 14:26

(updated: 17 March 2017 15:18)

Ole-Petter Moe Hansen: new at FOR

Ole-Petter Moe Hansen has just started working as an Associate Professor at the Department of Business and Management Science. - I had a great time here during my PhD, and I'am very pleased to continue working at NHH, he says.

Ole-Petter completed his MSc at NHH in 2011 and defended his thesis "Essays in Empirical Economics" in January this year.

- It wasn't until the end of mye BA studies that I really started to find the subjects interesting. A course in macro economics taught by Karl Rolf Pedersen was the turning point for me - that's when I realised that I wanted to study more, even though my focus gradually has changed towards applied econometrics. 

Ole-Petter teaches BA students in Empirical methods MET4

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