Håkon Otneim new at NHH

21 March 2017 11:29

(updated: 21 March 2017 12:18)

Håkon Otneim new at NHH

Håkon Otneim is a statistician and startet as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Business and Management Science in autumn 2016. - NHH is a great place to be, says Håkon.

- I used to be an examiner here when I was working with my PhD, and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work here for the next four years, Håkon says.

He defended his thesis "Multivariate and conditional density estimation using local Gaussian approximations" at the University of Bergen in September 2016. 

Håkon holds an MSc in statistics from the University of Bergen (2012), and a BA in mathematics (2010) from the same institution.

He is responsible for this spring's course MET4 Empirical methods

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