Emergency response when travelling

By Sigbjørn Råsberg

23 March 2017 14:55

(updated: 23 March 2017 15:46)

Emergency response when travelling

In connection with the terror action in London yesterday, NHH would like to remind all employees about the importance of booking your travels and accommodation through the travel agency Berg-Hansen that we have a contract with.

When this kind of incidents happen while you are on a travel, you will be alerted by Berg-Hansen if the travel is booked through them. This also applies if there is a natural disaster, strikes, hotel fire etc.

In addition to alerting and assisting the traveler with rebooking etc, NHH will also be notified. Such notification, and overview of, where NHH employees are travelling in Norway or abroad is crucial to ensure good emergency response for our employees.

All employees have a user account with Berg-Hansen. You are automatically logged on when you are on NHH’s network. The easiest way to go to Berg-Hansen booking is through the link on the left hand side on the front page of Paraplyen. 

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