The election to the NHH Board

2 June 2017 13:23

(updated: 2 June 2017 13:48)

The election to the NHH Board

The election to the Board of NHH is open from Wednesday 7 June 12:00 AM to Thursday 8 June 1:00 PM. This is an electronic election. You may login and change your vote several times, as long as the election is open. Only the last vote will count.

You vote at the election portal. Choose Norwegian School of Economics as your affiliation. Login is through Feide, with the same user name and password as at NHH.

You may login and change your vote several times, as long as the election is open. Only the last vote will count.

The election is a preferential election. When you vote, you rank all the candidates in order, or as many candidates that you wish to rank.

You are best served by following your honest opinion when you rank the candidates, and you should rank all the candidates, or as many as you can.

This is how a preferential election works

(Simplified presentation) Each voter has one vote, and will automatically vote on the candidate at the top of the voter’s list.

Then candidates that have no possibility of being elected to the Board will be eliminated, one by one. Each time a candidate is eliminated, the name is struck from all the lists of all the voters, and the candidates further down on the lists advance one place. This is done as long as there are more candidates than positions on the Board. Then the remaining candidates are elected to the Board. The order of elimination is used to determine deputy members to the Board.

If the result does not meet the gender distribution requirements of the election regulations, the procedure is modified somewhat.

This is why you should rank all the candidates

Why should I rank all the candidates, when I only have one vote?

You do not reduce the chances of your favorite candidate by ranking more candidates behind her or him.

If all the candidates that you rank are eliminated, you have no influence on which of the remaining candidates will be elected.

When the order of elimination among the candidates is determined, the complete lists of all the voters are consulted. You have greater influence on who is eliminated when you have ranked more candidates.

Do not vote 'tactically' 

Should I vote tactically, and put someone I believe may be elected at the top, instead of the candidate I really wish shall be elected?

No, there is no reason to vote tactically. If your true favorite has little support among others, then he or she will be eliminated before the position(s) on the Board are determined, and your vote will without any reduction go to the next person on your list.

Please send any questions in connection with the election to

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