Inspiring anniversary celebration

100 anniversary
Helge Thorbjørnsen, Bengt R. Holmström, Anna Mauranen, Roland Rust, Sandra Black, Bernt Øksendal and Frøystein Gjesdal. Photo: Odd Mehus
By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

9 June 2017 12:03

(updated: 9 June 2017 14:58)

Inspiring anniversary celebration

On 1 June 2017 it was one hundred years since the Norwegian Parliament decided to establish NHH. The anniversary celebration today included the appointment of five new honorary doctors, in addition to the presentation of awards for excellence in research and in dissemination.

In his welcoming speech Rector Frøystein Gjesdal mentioned one of the main arguments used by Kristofer Lehmkuhl and the other advocates who worked hard for the establishment of a business school in Norway, used in 1917: the ever-increasing international competition.


Professor Bertil Tungodden at the Department of Economics has over more than 10 years built a research group in behavioral economics / experimental economics at NHH and The Choice Lab. The research group has attained international recognition as a top European center in its field.

In his thank you speech Bertil Tungodden thanked two colleagues in particular for teaching him important matters early in his career: Professor Emeritus Agnar Sandmo taught him the importance of being international. Professor Kjell Gunnar Salvanes taught him how valuable it is to have a long-term perspective on things.

Malin Arve: Outstanding research

Malin Arve was awarded the Ingvar Wedervang prize for outstanding research by a faculty member below 40 years of age.

"I'm so honoured, and I really appreciate the support I get from NHH", Malin Arve said to the audience when she received her award today. 

She has published articles in four of the most prestigious international journals, among other things. 

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Tor W. Andreassen: Outstanding dissemmination

Professor Tor W. Andreassen was awarded the prize for his active dissemination efforts in the fields of innovation, marketing and the sharing economy.

He used the opportunity to encourage everyone in the audience to engage in the discussion with society.

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Honorary doctors

Bengt Holmström, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, and one of our five new honory doctors gave a speech on behalf of the honorary doctors.

"NHH has a very high standing in the world. That makes it particularily pleasant to receive this honour from you", he said.

To the PhD students who received their diplomas at the ceremony, he said:

"You have wonderful years ahead of you. Remember that all big things start with small things. See mistakes as opportunities to learn and to get new insight. The key to great research is when things don't go as planned."

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