Successful evacuation drill

17 January 2017 11:27

(updated: 17 January 2017 11:37)

Successful evacuation drill

We just organised a successful evacuation drill in part of  NHH's buildings - including the main building - says Atle Askeland, Head of Section for Property Management, pleased.

Atle Askeland, Marianne Stople (responsible for HSE at NHH/Office of HR) and Olav Flatås (Section for property management).

Atle says that we have fire and evacuation drills at least twice a year in different parts of our buildings.

"We practice more often at student events in the evenings, than for employees. Our next drill will be at a student event in the evening in the basement", he says.

Read more about emergency response at NHH in the HSE Manual

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