How to get funding?

14 February 2017 09:41

(updated: 14 February 2017 10:05)

How to get funding?

How can you increase your chances of receiving funding from the Research Council of Norway? This is the topic at the seminar with Jill Walker Rettberg, Hilde Sandvik, Karin Thorburn, Bertil Tungodden and Helge Thorbjørnsen tomorrow.

Professor Jill Walker Rettberg at the University of Bergen.

Wednesday 15 February is the kick-off for a new, exciting seminar series at NHH. All faculty members are invited to a seminar and panel discussion with Professor Jill Walker Rettberg, from the University of Bergen, together with Karin Thorburn, Bertil Tungodden and Helge Thorbjørnsen. Hilde Sandvik, Editor in Chief of Broen.Xyz, will lead the seminar and the panel discussion.

The seminar and discussion will take place in Karl Borch auditorium.

Read Jill Walker Rettberg's blog post (July 2016): Men get the research money

Read the Resarch Council's opionion piece in Aftenposten (July 2016) (in Norwegian): Det er feil at Forskningsrådet ikke bryr seg om kjønnsbalanse


10.00 – 10.15: Coffee and tea 
10.15 – 11.10  Theme: Research Council of Norway grants: How are applications evaluated and funds dispersed? 
Jill Walker Rettberg, Professor in Digital Culture, UiB
11.10 – 12.00  Panel discussion

Next seminar is 8 May

The next seminar and panel discussion will take place Monday 8 May. Professor Anna Wahl, Vice President for Gender Equality, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, will talk about equality expertise in leading positions.


Please contact at the Office of Research Administration if you have any questions about this seminar or of you have suggestions for topics for the seminars this coming autumn. Please contact Ingebjørg or members of the open programme committee:
Sunniva Whittaker
Tina Søreide 
Karin Thorburn
Astrid Kunze
Ingeborg Kleppe


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