Collection of share certificates

By Siri P. Strandenes og Bjørn L. Basberg

15 December 2017 14:23

Collection of share certificates

The Department of Economics has received a collection of share certificates from Agnethe Harbitz, a secretary for many years for the economic history group. Some of the certificates were unveiled today in the department meeting room.

The collection consists of certificates from 32 Norwegian industry-, banking- and shipping companies from the period 1901 to 1925. The number of certificates per company varies, from one to 28. Altogether there are more than 200 certificates in the collection, in addition to some annual reports.

Some of the share certificates have been framed and hang in the meeting room at the Department of Economics. Bjørn L. Basberg has been in charge of selecting and arranging them. Photo: Eilif Fjon.

Agnethe received some of these share certificates from her late uncle Bjarne Minde, at one time an affluent businessman in Bergen. Some of the shares were also given her by Thorolf Rafto, professor in economic history. He most likely received the papers from professor Anton Mohr who was with NHH right from the start in 1936, and who had strong ties to the business community in Bergen.

Professor Bjørn L. Basberg and the secretary for many years for the economic history group, Agnethe Harbitz. Photo: Eilif Fjon.

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