Bronze Sponge to Linda Orvedal

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21 December 2017 14:22

Bronze Sponge to Linda Orvedal

A surprised and very happy Linda Orvedal received the news that she has been awarded the bachelor students award for the autumn semester 2017 , The Bronze Sponge. The jury states: "Linda Orvedal has done a splendid effort with the lectures in SAM4."

The jury's statement

"This semester we are pleased to award Linda Orvedal the award for the course SAM4, Internasjonal handel og velferdsteori, for her dedication to her students and well-prepared lectures.

Linda Orvedal received several nominations for this semesters Bronze Sponge, and there were some key aspects present in many of the nominations. Her ability to make a complex curriculum both understandable and engaging, was highlighted. The students were experiencing Linda Orvedal as genuinely interested in the topics of the course, making the students themselves more interested and motivated as well.

The jury has to emphasize the great work Linda Orvedal has done teaching this complete new course. Both the jury and the nominations agree that her lectures, lecture notes and follow-up is beyond expectations.

There is no doubt that Linda Orvedal has done a splendid effort with the lectures in SAM4, and she is a worthy winner of this semesters Bronze Sponge.

Jan I. Haaland received the award on behalf of Linda Orvedal from student Jonas Personbråten Ludvigsen at the Town Hall meeeting on 21 December 2017.

Tande and Cappelen

Many lecturers have made great efforts with their courses. In addition to Linda Orvedal we would like to mention Knut Tande for RET1 - Rettslære for Økonomer, and Alexander Cappelen for IKE1 - introduksjonskurs i etikk."

The Bronze Sponge

The Bronze Sponge was first awared in 1972 to share an appreciation for lecturers that in the students’ eyes have made an extraordinary effort at teaching in bachelor courses.

The Bronze Sponge to Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen

The teaching award Bronsesvampen for the spring semester 2017 goes to Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen for the course SOL040, Strategic management, for his dedication to the students and for his dedication to his students and his well-prepared lectures.

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