Inspiring and useful pedagogical seminar

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

19 April 2017 16:07

(updated: 19 April 2017 16:25)

Inspiring and useful pedagogical seminar

About 30 faculty members, research scholars and administrative staff participated at the seminar on student-active teaching today. Four NHH employees presented their thoughts and challenges on the topic.

Professor Trine Dahl sharing her experiences with the English for business courses.
Professor Trine Dahl sharing her experiences with the English for business courses.
Associate Professor Kjell Ove Røsok is planning the new MRR in Oslo.
Associate Professor Kjell Ove Røsok is planning the new MRR in Oslo.

Developing MRR in Oslo

Kjell Ove Røsok presented the plans for the new one-year master programme in Accounting and Auditing in Oslo which starts this autumn, which he and his colleagues are now planning. How do we activate 50 students at a distance? was his main question.

“We are realizing that the teaching methods we are developing for the programme in Oslo, also will influence – and improve – the quality of the same course taught in Bergen”, Kjell Ove said.

“Since we are in the planning phase of the MRR programme in Oslo, the inspiration and feedback I got at the seminar was really useful to me”, he summed up.

English for business – a success story

Trine Dahl, who launched the new pedagogical model for the courses English for business I and II with her colleagues in 2015, shared their experiences so far. She said that the number of students at this elective course has risen from 97 during the last year with the old teaching model, to 164 in the first year with the new pedagogical content and 211 students this year.

“It has been – and still is - a huge amount of work, but the new model has proved to be a great success”, she told the audience.

“The course prepares our students for today’s international labour market, with increasing focus on communication skills, not only on English”, Trine Dahl explained. “These are skills the employers want, but very often can’t find in the candidates”.

In the two English courses the students now get  a lot of practice in both oral and written communication, using economic-administrative and legal terminology in simulated business situations through presentations, elevator pitches, negotiations, meetings, business report writing etc.

Inter-disciplinary exposure

“We do present our teaching methods to each other at the departments as well, but it is interesting to get this inter-disciplinary approach. It’s also a good way to meet colleagues from other disciplines and departments”, said Annelise Ly after the seminar.

When asked about what topic they would like at the next pedagogical seminar, Kjell Ove Røsok responded: “Our teaching is for the students. Why not invite students to present their experience with our teaching methods directly to the faculty? I’m convinced we could learn a lot from that.”

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