Election of Board members

26 April 2017 12:50

(updated: 26 April 2017 13:02)

Election of Board members

On 7 and 8 June employees at NHH will elect new internal members to the NHH Board. Please submit your candidates on 10 May at the latest. The eligible voters are divided into three groups, which elect members to the Board separately.

The three groups of eligible voters elect the following number of members to the Board:

  • Permanent employees in teaching and research positions elect three members and four deputy members to the Board.
  • Temporary employees in teaching and research positions elect one member and two deputy members to the Board.
  • Technical and administrative employees elect one member and two deputy members to the Board.

The deadline for submitting proposals for candidates to these offices is 10 May for all three groups. Proposals are to be sent to the Election Committee, attention of per.manne@nhh.no. In each election, all eligible voters may submit proposals. All candidates will be introduced to the voters after the deadline has expired.

The election of the employees’ members to the Board will be held as an online election on 7 and 8 June. The students have already elected their members to the Board.

Read the Election Regulations

The Electoral Roll

Check that you are on the correct electoral roll. If you belong to more than one group, the order of the list above will decide which electoral roll you are on.

The requirements to be eligible to vote as staff are that

  • you hold at least a 50 percent position
  • you hold a permanent position, or a temporary position of at least one year, or have been continuously employed for at least one year at the time of the elections

You may file a complaint about the electoral register to the Election Committee. Send your complaint to per.manne@nhh.no and include the reason for your complaint.

Electoral rolls

Electoral roll fixed positions

Electoral roll temporary positions

Electoral roll technical-administrative staff

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