Anne Kari Bjørge is Professor

Rector Frøystein congratulates Anne Kari with her professorship.
Rector Frøystein congratulates Anne Kari with her professorship. Photo: Astri Kamsvåg

14 September 2016 14:43

(updated: 14 September 2016 14:44)

Anne Kari Bjørge is Professor

Anne Kari Bjørge has been promoted to full Professor in English language.

Her academic production is substantial, and she has published in very high-ranking international journals. Her work addresses a broad range of questions and different topic areas from translation to conflict talk in business.

Anne Kari Bjørge’s present research interests and recent publications focus on English as a lingua franca (ELF) in international business, and how the choice of corporate language for a multilingual workforce impacts on social and professional identity. Other publications concern how negotiators handle conflict in ELF negotiations discourse, and how their practice relates to relevant theory.

Her teaching profile concentrates on cross-cultural and communication issues in various professional and international settings.

Anne Kari Bjørge is active in the CEMS Global management practice network and the CEMS Language subcommittee. In 2012 she received NHH's publication bonus for her article in Applied Linguistics on expressing disagreement in ELF negotiations.

Anne Kari is Head of the Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication for the period 2013–2017. She joined the Department as Assistant Professor in 1983. She has her doctoral degree in English linguistics from the University of Bergen (2001).

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