Whittaker and Salvanes to Transatlantic Forum

20 October 2016 15:36

Whittaker and Salvanes to Transatlantic Forum

The title of this year’s Transatlantic Forum which takes place at the University of Chicago on 24 and 25 October 2016, is “Big Challenges – Human Solutions”.

Deputy Rector Sunniva Whittaker and Professor Kjell G. Salvanes are taking part from NHH. They are participating in the session called "Responding to Challenges: Economics and Human Development" on 25 October.

Nobel laureate Professor James Heckman who gave The Sandmo Lecture at NHH in 2015, is giving this session’s key note speech, and Kjell is giving the talk ”Frontiers in the use of micro data in education research (with reference to a recent review paper in Handbook in the Economics of Education).

Sunniva is also giving a talk about student exchange at a session called “Outcomes WS – Partnerships for Student Exchange and Internet Experience”.

Researchers from other higher education institutions in Norway are also part of the programme in Chicago.

The Forum in North America

The purpose of the Norway’s Transatlantic Forum in North America is to promote enhanced cooperation between American, Canadian, and Norwegian research, education and innovation.

The 2016 Forum mission statement is “Finding human solutions to societal challenges”.

It is a forum where policymakers and knowledge producers meet to forge and develop long-term partnerships, and to discover cross-disciplinary and groundbreaking new ideas.

The forum was established in 2002, by Norway’s embassies in Washington and Ottawa to promote ST&I cooperation. It has since then developed into an important annual transatlantic arena. In 2016, humanities and social sciences - and societal challenges - are at the core of the programme.

Transatlantic Forum 2016 (web site)

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