New at Finance: Darya Yuferova

3 October 2016 08:00

(updated: 3 October 2016 08:16)

New at Finance: Darya Yuferova

Darya Yuferova from Siberia in Russia joined NHH and the Department of Finance in August as Assistant Professor.

Darya Yuferova is the first faculty member at NHH who is employed on the new tenured conditions that the Norwegian government launched in 2015. Five of these positions have been allocated NHH. These tenures have a duration for six to seven years.

“I really like the atmosphere here at NHH. The people from the Department of Finance that I met when I was here to present myself at the interview, were really nice”, Darya says.

“I particularly liked that I got to meet the people who have a say in the hiring process. Also, the way they gave feedback appealed a lot to me. To me it was obvious that NHH saw me as a person, not just as someone who could fill a position. I really appreciated this”, she says.

Her main research interests are Market Microstructure and Asset Pricing. In the spring she will be teaching the new course Financial Ecometrics for master’s students.

Darya holds a PhD degree from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (2016). The title of her thesis is “Price Discovery, Liquidity Provision, and Low-Latency Trading”. During the autumn semester in 2014 she was a Visiting Scholar at NYU Stern Business School.

Her MSc degree in Finance is from Duisenberg School of Finance and VU University Amsterdam (2011).

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