The national budget 2017

11 October 2016 16:28

(updated: 11 October 2016 16:35)

The national budget 2017

In the Government’s national budget proposal for 2017 presented by Minister of Finance Siv Jensen today, NHH is allocated around NOK 438 million, compared with NOK 421 in the current year.

NOK 8.2 million of the budget increase is given as compensation for inflation and wage growth. The rest of the increase of around NOK 12 million is the result of NHH having increased its production and benefiting from the new financing model for the university and university college sector.

‘We were a bit apprehensive about the budget proposal this year because of the new financing model, which puts more emphasis on performance,’ says Rector Frøystein Gjesdal. ‘We fare well in this proposal, however. In relation to its size, NHH appears to be the institution that has done best of all.’

Performance-based financing system

The new financing system for the higher education sector still consists of a basis part and a performance-based part. For the sector as a whole, the performance-based part has been increased by NOK 300 million, which has been transferred from the basis part. The number of performance indicators has also been increased from six to eight.

The changes are intended to stimulate institutions to work more on the quality of their education and research, and to increase cooperation between higher education institutions, employers and society as a whole.

The results are calculated based on the average for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015, where available.


NHH average for the last three years


1,414 at master’s degree level
1,189 at bachelor’s degree level


730 master’s graduates in 2015
391 bachelor’s graduates in 2015


858 incoming and outgoing exchange students in 2015

Doctoral graduates

13 graduates


NOK 689,000

Research Council of Norway and regional research funds

NOK 18,071,000

Publication points

238 points

Contributions and contract revenues

NOK 21,995,000

In 2017, the basis part will amount to NOK 272 million for NHH, while the performance-based funding amounts to around NOK 166 million.

NHH will receive NOK 6.4 million more in 2017 under the new financing system. The new system will not take full effect until 2018 since it is being introduced over a two-year period.


NHH’s budget will be reduced by approximately NOK 2 million in connection with the reduction in bureaucracy and rationalisation of the public sector, and by NOK 471,000 as a result of the transition to digitalisation. NHH will not receive funding for new recruitment positions next year.

This year, the Ministry of Education and Research for the first time invited the whole university and university college sector to Oslo on the same day as the national budget was presented. Managing Director Nina Skage represented NHH during the presentation of the budget.

The Government's national budget proposal (

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