The Rector's job advertised

By Kristin B Risvand Mo

14 November 2016 12:33

(updated: 14 November 2016 12:34)

The Rector's job advertised

Work is also under way on a proposal to reorganise how the rector and vice-rectors work. The position of rector was advertised on Friday, with 1 December as the closing date for applications. It is a fixed-term appointment for four years.

‘The Board will be updated at its meeting in February, and we hope to appoint a new rector as soon as possible after that,’ says Rector Frøystein. The new rector will take over on 1 August 2017.

The process of appointing vice-rectors will start once the rector is in place. 
‘It is the Board that appoints the vice-rectors, and a recommendation committee will be appointed in that connection. But the new rector will naturally play a key role in the process. It is a case of putting together a team, and it is natural for the rector to propose the team he or she wants,’ says Frøystein.

Two vice-rectors

On Thursday 27 October 2016, the Board decided to devote two full-time equivalents to the vice-rectorships. The vice-rectors can be recruited directly. The time factor was the main reason why the Board decided to allow direct recruitment.

It has not been decided what the vice-rectors’ areas of responsibility will be.

An internal working group has looked into the process around the appointment of vice-rectors. The working group, which was appointed this summer, has also been invited to propose other organisational changes and processes for the selection/appointment of the rector’s immediate team.

New heads of department from 1 January 2018

The group has proposed extending the term of office of the current heads of department by five months. This means that the new heads of department will not be in place until 1 January 2018. It will be up to the new rector and vice-rectors to decide whether the heads of department will be elected or appointed.

The working group’s next job is to come up with a proposal concerning:

  • what the future overall management team will look like
  • the need for administrative managers and organisation
  • what, if anything, is to be done about the matrix organisation, programme committees and the role of dean.

A detailed schedule and process have yet to be decided.  The group’s proposals will be distributed for consultation in the organisation and will probably be adopted by the Board before next summer.

‘We want to facilitate things for the new rector and vice-rectors as much as possible, so that we do not spend too much time getting started. At the same time, it must be possible for them to make the changes they see a need for, so we have to be flexible,’ says Frøystein.

New chair of the board

Nothing has been decided as regards the appointment of a new chair of the board.

‘NHH wants to have a say in the matter, and we are in dialogue with the Ministry of Education and Research. It is a formal process that, at the end of the day, is decided high up in the political hierarchy,’ Frøystein says.

The internal board members are also due for replacement on 1 August 2017.  The election of candidates will take place in May once the rector and vice-rectors are in place.

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