The HR director leaves NHH

18 November 2016 10:33

(updated: 18 November 2016 12:54)

The HR director leaves NHH

NHH's HR Director, Odd Storetvedt, is leaving NHH, and Elise Kongsvik, senior adviser at the Office of HR, will be temporarily employed as his successor from 1 January 2017.

Odd is leaving in mid-December and takes a couple of weeks of holiday before he starts his new position as organisational and HR Director in Helse Bergen. He assumed his position at NHH in October 2014.

Managing Director Nina Skage is replacing Odd in the committee responsible for the process of finding NHH's new Rector, and in the committee that is working on NHH's new management model. 

NHH will await hiring a new HR Director and see it in connection with the ongoing process with developing a new management model.  Elise will be NHH's HR Director for six months, to start with.

The Office of HR will be strengthened temporarily by Kristine Milch who is hired as legal senior advisor in the HR field as a substitute for Elise for a year. Kristine will also be part of NHH's Works Council.

Linda Midtkandal who has worked as senior legal advisor for the past year, has now completed her engagement at the Office of HR.

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