Publications in top journals

1 November 2016 14:19

(updated: 1 November 2016 14:30)

Publications in top journals

Øystein Foros, Hans Jarle Kind and Malin Arve will be awarded NHH publication bonuses.

Professors Øystein Foros at the Department of Business and Management Science and Hans Jarle Kind at the Department of Economics, will be awarded the NHH publication bonus (NHH list) for the article "Competition for advertisers and for viewers in media markets". The article is written with Simon P. Anderson and will be published in Economic Journal (accepted September 2016).

Assistant Professor Malin Arve, also at the Department of Business and Management Science, will have an article in the November volume of American Economic Review together with David Martimort. Their article is called "Dynamic Procurement under Uncertainty: Optimal Design and Implications for Incomplete Contracts".

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