Salvanes and Tungodden appointed as 1404 professors

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

1 June 2016 15:14

(updated: 1 June 2016 16:16)

Salvanes and Tungodden appointed as 1404 professors

Professors Kjell G. Salvanes and Bertil Tungodden have been employed in temporary positions as 1404 Professors (Research Chair Professor) at NHH for a period of five years.

Professor Kjell G. Salvanes
Professor Bertil Tungodden

Kjell Gunnar Salvanes and Bertil Tungodden each lead a research centre, CELE and The Choice Lab, respectively.

"We have started using the position code 1404 Professor to highlight how important it is for us to have good academic leadership at the two research centres that we define as international areas of expertise," says Gunnar E. Christensen, vice rector for faculty management.

"The research at CELE and The Choice Lab is in an international top class, and we therefore want to recognise the efforts of the people who lead the centres in this way. Getting centres/initiatives at this level to function and deliver in compliance with goals and expectations is particularly demanding. We are sure that the quality of the research at CELE and The Choice Lab will be further enhanced through these appointments," Christensen says.

International excellence

NHH has categorised its strategic research initiatives into three groups as part of its work on research excellence. The highest category is so-called ‘international excellence’.

CELE and The Choice Lab are in this category and satisfy the requirements NHH has set for international excellence:

-       research at a high international level
-       regular publishing in the most prestigious and highly ranked journals
-       in position for the most prestigious allocations from the Research Council of Norway (SFF) and EU/H2020 (ERC)
-       reasonable size of the research group
-       extensive international research collaboration

"A key factor for succeeding as a centre of international excellence is solid and competent research leadership. The scope of the activities at CELE and The Choice Lab is so broad and far-reaching that good, stable research leadership is an absolute necessity. By employing Kjell G. Salvanes and Bertil Tungodden, we are securing excellent leadership for the next five years," says Gunnar E. Christensen.

Criteria for 1404 professorships

Traditionally, centres and large research initiatives at NHH have been led within the frameworks of ordinary teaching and research positions (Professor/Associate Professor), i.e. without establishment of separate researcher and head of research positions.

However, universities and specialised universities have the opportunity to employ people in the position code 1404 Professor, in order to strengthen the academic leadership of specific research and academic environments and in this way promote the quality of the research.

Salvanes and Tungodden will take leaves of absence from their ordinary professorships, but their salaries as 1404 Professors will be financed through the Department of Economics' ordinary salary budget. No new positions will become available at the Department of Economics.

Pursuant to the guidelines, the purpose of 1404 professorships is to strengthen the academic leadership of the research groups/disciplines at universities and specialised universities, and promote quality in research. The positions should be used for: 

  • academic leadership of prioritised strategic research initiatives
  • interdisciplinary initiatives
  • building up of new research programmes/research areas
  • establishment and operation of Norwegian centres of excellence

Qualification requirements

A 1404 professor must already have been declared competent and be established as a professor, but an outstanding academic track record and specialist authority are in and of themselves not enough to be employed as a 1404 Professor. The individual who is employed under this code must have a clear aptitude for academic leadership, including significant academic integrity, good academic collaboration skills, the ability to develop an academic environment, and the ability and motivation to communicate research findings.

 "Both Kjell G. Salvanes and Bertil Tungodden are clearly qualified for 1404 professor positions," says Gunnar E. Christensen.

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