NHH-student died

20 May 2016 11:13

(updated: 20 May 2016 11:15)

NHH-student died

NHH has received the sad news that student Lotte Takvam Kjeseth has died.

Lotte Takvam Kjeseth (22) was from Bergen and a third-year bachelor’s student at NHH. Lotte’s family wishes to be open about her death, and about Lotte’s choice to leave us.

A quiet room has been set up for those who wish to commemorate Lotte. The room is in the Main Building, just outside the Information Centre. There will be a portrait of Lotte, candles, flowers, and a book of remembrance for those who want to write a last farewell to her.

On Friday 20 May at 14-16, the employees’ Lunch Room next to the canteen will be open to everyone who wishes to meet in connection with Lotte’s death. A psychologist and a priest from the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen (SiB) will be present.

Psychologists and priests are available at any time for Lotte’s fellow students who need someone to talk to. Please contact Jorun Gunnerud at The Student and Academic Affairs Office, phone 952 82 803, e-mail jorun.gunnerud@nhh.no.

SiB’s counselling service can also be reached directly by phone: 55 54 51 45 or 55 54 52 50, or e-mail: studentradgivningen@sib.no.

NHH wishes to express grief over Lotte Takvam Kjeseth’s death and sympathy and compassion for all those involved.

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