Appointed rector and external chair

11 May 2016 13:11

(updated: 11 May 2016 13:12)

Appointed rector and external chair

The committee appointed to discuss the two alternative management models, is divided in its final conclusion with regard to which of the two models will be most suitable for NHH.

The whole committee agrees that there are pros and cons for both models. All in all, however, three of the members conclude that shifting to the model with appointed rector and external chair of the board will be the best for NHH in the present and future situation, while two members are of the opinion that continuing with elected rector will be best.

Revision of decision-making systems

The committee is unanimous in emphasising that NHH needs to review and improve its decision-making systems to ensure sufficient ability to adjust to ever-changing and more competitive environments. The committee also agrees on the importance of legitimacy of the rector. The procedures for appointing a new rector thus become very important. The committee recommends broad participation from staff and students, and in particular from the academic staff, in these procedures, to ensure that the appointed rector is well received and can enjoy a high level of legitimacy from the start.

The committee responsible for the report has been appointed by the Board,

and has been asked to discuss benefits and challenges related to each of the two models.

The Board decides

The final decision will be made by the Board of NHH, after the report is subject to an internal hearing at NHH. The closing date for the hearing is Thursday 26 May.

An information meeting for all faculty is taking place on Monday 23 May at 12.15 in Jan Mossin Auditorium.

Executive summary - committee's recommendations

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