Making changes to the organisation

By Kristin B Risvand Mo

1 July 2016 10:47

(updated: 1 July 2016 11:42)

Making changes to the organisation

NHH wants to prioritise strategic investments but finances are tight. In order to create greater freedom to act, the management is making some changes to the administration.

Managing Director Nina Skage

"One year remains of the strategy period, and we have a number of areas where we need to strengthen our implementation capacity: external relationships, alumni and education, to name but a few. In order to succeed in realising the strategy we need to look at how we can use resources in new ways," explains Managing Director Nina Skage.

The employee representatives are informed of the management's intentions in the Works Council. The Council is also where negotiations take place regarding the draft proposals for the organisational changes at NHH.

The first changes have already been initiated. In April, several analysis and research tasks were gathered under the Office of Research Administration (FAA). In practice, this means that Senior Advisers Anita Jensen, Frank Mortensen, Ingebjørg Tyssedal and James Hosea are now part of FAA. The entire office will be co-located on the library premises.

Greater flexibility

"By bringing employees with similar tasks or expertise together in new groups we can create increased flexibility and a larger academic community. At the same time we also reduce vulnerability and remove any duplication of work. In addition, this will allow us to free up resources for areas where people are required," says Nina Skage.

Another process implemented this spring was bringing together the Section for Marketing and the Office of Communications in a shared unit. This will, among other things, free up capacity to develop alumni work. Senior Adviser Morten Hilt will be responsible for alumni work, full time.

The new Office of Communications and Marketing is managed by the Director of  Communication, Kristin Risvand Mo, and will move to the first floor of the Tower Block this autumn.

Eivind Drange, who has been Head of the Section for Marketing, is going to work as Project Manager. His responsibilities include leading his own projects and assisting the Project Director on other projects in NHH's strategic project portfolio.

Two employees from the library have also been assigned changed tasks. Executive Officer Aldin Hasanovich has started in the Office of Communications and Marketing, where he is working on websites and Open Access/Brage. The Section for Archive Services will be strengthened through Senior Secretary Morten Skaar from the library.

More changes

"We will make further adjustments to the organisation going forward as part of the ongoing development work. To ensure that the solutions are as good as they can be, it is essential that we identify both the positive and the negative impacts of the changes. Input and views from employees are very valuable in this work," Nina Skage says.

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