Processes on student and academic affairs

4 January 2017 13:00

(updated: 4 January 2017 13:15)

Processes on student and academic affairs

A committee has now been appointed to look how things can be organised under a deputy rector for education. The committee, which is chaired by Associate Professor Iver Bragelien, held its first meeting on 14 December 2016.

Iver Bragelien is heading the committee which will look at processes relatin to student and academic affairs.
Iver Bragelien is heading the committee which will look at processes relatin to student and academic affairs.

In October, NHH’s Board decided that the rector’s team would consist of the rector plus two deputy rector positions (two or more people). One of the deputy rectors will probably be assigned responsibility for research (including researcher training), and one will probably be responsible for education. This is a result of the changes that have been made to the management model.

In such case, the deputy rector for education will have chief academic and administrative responsibility for NHH’s education programmes. In November, the working group tasked with assessing NHH’s internal organisation decided to appoint a committee to look at the organisation of administrative processes under the deputy rector. NHH currently has a department of student and academic affairs. In addition comes what is referred to as the matrix, where the departments, deans, profile coordinators and programme committees agree on what courses to offer and other academic issues.

This organisational structure has many positive aspects, but it is complex and requires extensive coordination. The new management model makes it necessary to re-assess the structure.

The committee will look at the organisation and draw up proposals for a new structure. The committee’s report will be distributed for consultation to the departments and administrative departments before the matter is submitted to the Board for final decision.

The committee’s remit does not include looking at NHH Executive.  

members of the committee 

Iver Bragelien, Associate Professor, Department of  Business and Management Science (leader)
Jorun Gunnerud, Director of Studies
Ragnhild Balsvik, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Maren Dale-Raknes, Administration Manager, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law
Maj-Brit Iden, the unions

Martha Lehmann-Røed at the Office of HR is the coordinator for the committee.

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