Help us to be more visible

5 December 2016 16:03

(updated: 21 February 2017 09:18)

Help us to be more visible

With facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube and Snapchat NHH is visible at a range of new platforms. At facebook alone more than 17,000 people are following us. Our students are good at sharing what we publish, but we need help you as well to help us to become more visible in social media.

Frøystein experimenting with Snapchat.

'These days we are setting up an NHH Snapchat account', says Kristin Risvand Mo, NHH's Director of Communications and Marketing. 

Daily updates

Every day we publish and share posts from NHH in social media: It's images, links to feature articles, news and glimpses from the students' everyday life. 

'In order to get as much out of this we need you help to like and share our posts. That way we will reach even more people and get to share the good stories about NHH', Kristin explains.

As an NHH employee you always get to know what you really need to know at Paraplyen. That's where you find all news from NHH, research news, feature articles, press cutting and the calendar. If you also take a look at NHH at facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, twitter or Snapchat, you get to know even more. 


  • At facebook NHH reaches a wide audience, and sharing and 'likes' are important. The tone can be informal. Facebook is used to share news in the form of text, photos and video. NHH has 17,700 followers at facebook.
  • Instagram is used to post photos. NHH has 800 followers here.
  • YouTube is used to publish videoes. Our videoes have been played 140,000 times, and we have 450 subscribers. 
  • The target group for Snapchat are young potential and current students. Here we will be sharing texted images and videos. The content is available only for 24 hours or it disappears as soon as it has been opened. 
  • With twitter we reach a wide audience fast with short updates (max 140 characters): the press,  samfunns- og næringsliv. We have approximately 5,000 followers.
  • LinkedIn is more career-oriented and is suitable for building networks. At LinkedIn NHH has approximately 25,000 followers.  

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