New postdocs at Economics

3 August 2016 10:01

(updated: 3 August 2016 13:53)

New postdocs at Economics

Chang-Koo Chi, Lassi Ahlvik and Patrick Bennett are new post docs at the Department of Economics.

Chang-Koo Chi is from South Korea. His main research interests are information economics, mechanism design, and monotone comparative statics. He will be part of LEMO (Centre for Law and Economics of Markets and Organisations).

Before joining NHH, Chang-Koo worked as a post-doc researcher at the Aalto University in Finland, and taught mechanism design and game theory. He completed his PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (US) in 2014. The title of his dissertation is "Value of Information and Posterior Dispersion", in which he studied decision theory and monotone comparative statics. 

Lassi Ahlvik is from Finland. His main research interests lie in the field of environmental and resource economics. His research concerns applying cost-benefit analysis to evaluate various projects affecting the quality of the environment, focusing on sustainability, intergenerational equity, uncertainty and learning. He will be part of the Macroeconomics and Natural Resourses research centre.

Lassi received his PhD from the Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki in 2016. The title of his dissertation is “Essays on Long-Term Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment”. He holds an MSc degree in Mathematics and Operation Research from Aalto University School of Technology.

Patrick Bennett is from the US, and his main research interests are labour economics, the economics of education, and the economics of crime. He will be connected to CELE (Center for Empirical Labor Economics).

He recently completed his PhD at the Copenhagen Business School. His thesis entitled “Essays in Education, Crime, and Job Displacement” examines the determinants and social implications of education, crime, and job displacement.  Prior to his PhD he studied in the UK, receiving a Master’s of Sciences in Economics from the University of Warwick and an MSc from the University of St Andrews. 

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