Do you have a digital postbox yet?

15 August 2016 14:21

(updated: 15 August 2016 14:44)

Do you have a digital postbox yet?

This autumn, NHH will start sending documents to your digital mailbox in stead of by email and ordinary post.

Senior Executive Officer Trude Fjæran Tveit at the Section for Archive Services is implenting safe digital mail at NHH.

All you need to get a digital mailbox in Norway is a Norwegian National Identity number or a D number.  

"Digital communication will now be the main rule in the public sector in Norway, and a national solution for safe digital post to the inhabitants has been launched. This solution is a lot safer than regular email", says Senior Executive Officer Trude Fjæran Tveit at the Section for Archive Services. She heads the implementation of safe digital mail at NHH. "Encryption and log-in make this a much safer way to send documents", she explains.

Safer than email, quicker than ordinary post

The purpose with a digital mailbox is that sensitive information can be sent in a safe way. Letters and documents sent digitally reach you faster than ordinary mail does. NHH will send you mail digitally directly from our archive system (P360). Letter and documents sent digitally, get to you quicker than if it were sent as regular mail.

You receive your mail where you are, regardless of your permanent postal address, temporary postal address, sojourns abroad or changing email addresses.

This is how you do it

There are two choices of safe digital mailboxes in Norway: Digipost and e-boks. Go to for more information, and make your choice. Register your email address and phone number, and create a password. Make sure your choice is registered. Follow the instructions provided.


Both digital mailbox systems offer apps for smart phones and tablets, giving you easy access to your mail wherever you are. You will be notified via email and/or SMS when you have received new mail.

from NHH

Documents regarding your relationship as employee at NHH, will be sent to you in your digital postbox from this autumn.

Required from June

All public offices in Norway are required to use digital channels as their primary means of communication with the citizens, starting June 2016. That means that all public offices will start sending electronic correspondence within the next few months. This only applies if you have a Norwegian National identity number or a D number and a Norwegian Bank ID. If you do not, mail will continue to arrive at you registered postal address.


Digipost: Last ned Digipost til Apple /  Last ned Digipost til Android

e-Boks: Last ned e-Boks til Apple / Last ned e-Boks til Android / Last ned e-Boks til Windows


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