Concept design process for upgrades underway

29 August 2016 08:49

(updated: 30 August 2016 11:14)

Concept design process for upgrades underway

The work on the coming upgrades of the oldest NHH buildings has started. Origo Arkitektgruppe AS won the concept design contract.

Statsbygg's Project Manager Madeleine Torkveen Skjølås has hired a consultancy group to design the solutions for the upgrades. Origo Arkitektgruppe AS, represented by architect Rikke Charlotte Sundt, won the contract, and Origo also brings in technical consultants from Sweco Norge AS. Origo and Sweco’s consultants live in Bergen, as preferred by Statsbygg and NHH.

"There were 18 tenders from various consultancy groups, so Statsbygg could choose among the best. We now have in place a skilled and experienced group", says NHH's Project Director, Anne Line Grepne.

The project team held a start-up session in early August. During the session Origo got to know NHH and the project, and now have a good starting point for their work.

"The session included a visit to the building, so some of NHH’s staff were probably able to say hi to the project team. It was a successful session, and the involved are very engaged in the assignment", says Anne Line Grepne.

Main criteria

The project team is now starting to survey the condition of the building and the technical facilities. The design project will focus at:

  • The need for upgrades
  • The protection of cultural heritage values
  • The opportunities and limitations in the structural system
  • Improved use of space and facilitation for new forms of work
  • Conduits and installations for technical facilities

Further process

This autumn, the project will work on options and solutions based on these main criteria. The design project will result in two or three alternative solutions with different levels of ambition and cost, and select one of these as the recommended solution. The NHH Board makes the final decision.

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