Travel/expenses/remuneration: changes

8 April 2016 08:45

(updated: 30 May 2016 08:56)

Travel/expenses/remuneration: changes

As part of NHH's work towards a more digital experience, a new system for managing travel and expense reimbursements (included remuneration) will be introduced this spring.

The software Current will no longer be the actual system for handling travel and expense reimbursements or remuneration, as everything will be supported in Agresso.

Along with the solution, we also introduce a web-based self-service portal for employees and managers who together will result in increased digitisation, simplification and over time removes some of our paper-based processes. This portal will be developed towards the summer, and further information will come related to this. The restructuring associated with the recording of travel/expenses/remuneration are scheduled for the month of May.


For you as a user, this means that registration of travel and expense reimbursements and remuneration will take place in a new system with a range of new opportunities for simplification both as a user and for others who handle the process within the system. There will be scheduled for training sessions as necessary, and made available e-learning materials and a simple handbook for how the system should be used. In addition, it is established super-users within each Department to assist users when needed.

We will come back with final information regarding time and place for training once this is ready. For the Departments, time and place will be resolved in dialogue with the Administration Managers.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your administration manager or project manager Monica Nielsen Øen (

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