Rules for the rental of Småbruket

Rules for the rental of Småbruket

Updated April 2018

§ 1 Allocation of the cabins

Employees who wish to rent a cabin may apply either by filling out the online application form (which can be downloaded from “Småbruket’s” homepage).  NHH pensioners and employees at SNF and AFF can also rent teh cabin under special circumstances.

Allocation of the cabins is made 14 days before the rental date. For weekends and weeks during the summer holiday period allocation may be made earlier. All allocations are binding 14 days before the booked dates.  Special rules apply for winter half-term and Easter week.

Employees who wish to rent both cabins may do so as long as no other employees have applied for the proposed period.

During the winter season there is a fee to pay for parking in the public car park by the main road.

Notification must be given to the Cabin Committee as soon as possible if an allocated cabin rental cannot be used. The rental must be paid in full unless there are others who can step in at short notice. This rule does not apply for the parking fee.

NHH pensioners and employees at SNF and AFF can also rent the cabins if no one else has reserved the cabin within 14 days before the desired booking dates or if an allocated cabin cannot be used by the person who has booked it.

§ 2 Keys and electronic chip for the boom gate

Door keys and an electronic chip for the boom gate into the car park will be handed over to tenants shortly before the rental period. Tenants are required to deliver these back to NHH as soon as possible after the rental period.

When two sets of tenants overlap one another the electronic chip must be placed in the allocated key cupboard nr 1 beside the boom gate. A code will be given to you at the time of allocation. It is important that the numbers in the pass code are changed after the chip has been placed in/collected from the key cupboard. The lid lock must be pushed up after use.

In order to prevent incorrect usage BIR has decided that its rubbish containers shall be kept locked. A private key to unlock the containers is therefore attached to the key ring that you receive when renting Småbruket. It is extremely important that the containers are locked by the user after household rubbish has been thrown in. Rubbish must NOT be placed on the ground next to the containers!

Please note that the key to the main entrance also fits the door to the cellar, which can be used when snow prevents access to the main entrance.

§ 3 Cost of rental

Tenants must pay the current rental price. This can be found on “Småbruket’s” homepage.

§ 4 Payment

Tenants will be sent an invoice for the rental period after their stay in “Småbruket”.

All allocations are binding 14 days before the booked dates. This means that tenants who do not use the cabin they have been allocated will still have to pay for the rental period.

§ 5 Winter holiday and Easter week

The rental periods of the school half-term winter holiday and Easter week are divided in two. The changeover point for the winter holiday is Wednesday at 12 noon and for Easter week Wednesday 17.00.

The application deadline date and allocation of “Småbruket” for the winter holiday and Easter week is determined in advance each year and is the same for both rental periods. The deadline date is announced in Paraplyen and on “Småbruket’s” homepage.

It should be made clear in the application whether the applicant has alternative date preferences. These may be entered in the comment section of the application form, or may be sent in a separate e-mail to the secretary for the Cabin Committee.

Cabins are allocated after the application deadline by drawing lots. The draw is carried out by the booking coordinator and at least one other member of the Cabin Committee who has not sent in an application to use the cabin during the period in question. The Cabin Committee can call in an external person to carry out the draw is required.  

The booking coordinator can sort the applications where applicants have expressed flexibility in the desired rental period with the aim to allocate the cabin without needs to draw lots.

It is not possible be allocated the whole winter holiday or Easter week unless no one else has applied to use one of the cabins during the same period.

Two employees who have been allocated a cabin during the winter holiday or Easter week may mutually agree to swap allocated days. If the person allocated the cabin during the winter holiday or Easter week no longer wishes to use the cabin for the allocated period, the first person on the waiting list is then awarded the now vacant cabin allocation.

An allocation is binding after an applicant has accepted the offer of a cabin rental.

§ 6 Use of the cabin

All visitors are responsible forthe cabin and its household contents. Equipment and furniture must not be removed from the cabin. Damages or defects must be reported to the Cabin Committee as soon as possible after the rental period.

Boots and other outdoor footwear must not be used inside the cabin.

Visitors must bring their own sheets, quilt covers and pillow cases or sleeping bags, as well as towels for use in the kitchen and bathroom. The quilts and pillows in the cabin have covers on only for protective purposes.

Smoking inside the cabin is prohibited. 

§ 7 On leaving the cabin

Visitors are required to clean and tidy after their stay in the cabin.

Visitors who take pets with them must be extra particular when vacuuming and cleaning the cabin.

 Before leaving the cabin visitors are required to check that all windows are closed, that all fires and candles are extinguished, that all lights are turned off, that the water is closed off (blue stopcock in the left-hand cupboard in the laundry room) and that the veranda, cellar and front door are closed and locked.