Records management - Public 360

Records management - Public 360

On this website you can find information about how to use the archive and case handling system, Public 360, and about NHH's historic archive material.



  • Public 360 - archive and document management system

    Public 360 - archive and document management system

    NHH has utilized Public 360 to document day-to-day operations since 2014. The system is a complete digital platform for case, document and records management. In Public 360 you can for example find hearings, letters from departments, internal rules and regulations etc. 

    All employees at NHH has a P360-user and you can log in with your regular NHH login information. 

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    How to search for documents in Public 360

  • Historic archive material

    Historic archive material

    NHH's Historic Archives contain digital and psychical records from ca. 1920-2013.

    HISTORIC P360 (1995-2013)

    Historic P360 is a web based archive.

    NHH staff members with user and login information in Historic P360, have easy access to documents from the period 1995-2013.

    If you do not have a user or if you are having difficulties finding or accessing the documents you are looking for, please contact NHH's Section for Archive Services -

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    This archive contains paper-based records.

    Files and documents from this archive is stored at NHH in an archival storage facility.

    Please contact for information and access to records from this period.