Travel and Expenses

Travel and Expenses

Information regarding booking of travels, travel advance, credit cards and expense claims.

All employees who travel must comply with the School's agreements and the Special Travel Agreement for State Employees ("Statens reiseregulativ"). As an employee, you are required to familiarise yourself with the Special Travel Agreement for State Employees and the rules that apply for travel as an NHH employee. Also remember that all travels and expenses must be pre-approved by your immediate supervisor.

You cover all expenses and travels organised by NHH. Your expenses will be reimbursed once you register your travel expenses claim form. You can also apply for a travel advance so you won’t need to cover the cost of travel yourself. We recommend that all employees obtain a credit card to pay for travel and other expenses.

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  • Travel booking

    Travel booking

    Information about how to book your travel.

    NHH has an agreement with G Travel for the delivery of travel agency services. All NHH employees who travel for work should create a profile with G Travel so that it is ready when one need to book a travel. You can logg in to G Travel's web site by using single sign on or by calling 70 10 01 70. Regardless of whether the travel is booked online or by phone, all your trips will show on your profile. NHH recommends all employees to book their travel through G Travel due to security reasons.

    You can also book travel without using G Travel, but remember that the main rule when booking travel is that the overall cost should be as low as possible. You should also remember that all travel must be pre-approved by your immediate supervisor.

    When booking hotel services for NHH guests, conference participants, etc., we recommend to contact a hotel directly. NHH has framework agreements with Scandic Hotels, Nordic Choice (Clarion, Quality og Comfort), Thon (inkl. First) og Rezidor (Radisson og Park Inn), and you should book hotel services from one of these. Remember to refer to the Agreement for Universities and University Colleges in Norway ("UH agreement") when booking.

    CONTACT G Travel

    PHONE: 70 10 01 70

    "My Profile" at Berg-Hansen

  • Travel advance

    Travel advance

    Apply for a travel advance before your trip so that you won’t have to pay for the trip yourself.

    To apply for a travel advance you must fill out the advance payment form. On the form, you must list what the advance is to cover and the dates of your trip. The form must be approved by the person with authorisation authority in your department or unit, and must then be sent to Natalia Wold in the Section for Finance and Accounting well ahead of the trip.

    As soon as you have completed your trip, you must submit a travel expense claim, and your actual expenses will be offset against your advance. If your expenses exceed the advance, you will be credited the difference. If your expenses are lower than the advance, the difference will be deducted from your next pay.

    Travel advances must be settled one month after the end of the trip at the latest. If you do not comply with this deadline, the advance will be deducted from your next pay. The trip for which you have received a travel advance must be settled before you can apply for a new travel advance.

    If you have questions, please contact Natalia Wold in the Section for Finance and Accounting.

    Advance payment form (PDF 0.1mb)

  • Credit card

    Credit card

    Feel free to use credit card for travels and other expenses.

    You can use a credit card to book and pay trips and other expenses for NHH. Using a credit card simplifies the reimbursement settlement significantly, and we encourage our employees to use credit cards for expenses for NHH.


    NHH has an agreement with Eurocard, and we encourage employees to apply for Eurocard Gold which is a credit card . Send your application to the card company and they will consider you application individually.  

    Eurocard is tied to Mastercard, which is accepted in most shops, restaurants, etc. Using this card will be especially relevant when buying e.g. books and journals or signing up for conferences.


    The earlier our employees book their flight tickets, the better the price.

    SAS and Norwegian confirm that we can save at least 30 % if the flight ticket is booked more than 30 days before the departure date. The travel statistics for NHH also show that we save so much by booking flights earlier.

    With Book now - pay later (BNPL), we can book any ticket from any airline, and the invoicing of the trip including a fee per flight ticket occurs after the trip is completed (at the latest six months after the booking).

    By implementing this service BNPL, there will be no need for prepayments, savings can be achieved by booking cheaper tickets, and the cost for the travel management will be reduced.

    This agreement applies to the cards that our employees have ordered through the agreement between NHH and Eurocard.

    Flights have normally to be booked through the travel agency's portal. Your credit card is registered on the portal, thus the BNPL functionality turns on.

    Eurocard will charge kr. 60 for each transaction being held back.


    Your credit card is personal, and you are responsible for all use of the card and all claims for payment. NHH does not assume any liabilities regarding payments, etc. NHH covers the annual fee  (NOK295) for your credit card. You will be reimbursed for the annual fee by adding it to your next travel expense claim and enclosing a receipt for the fee payment.


    Using a credit card when paying for travels sometimes includes a travel insurance with no extra charge.

    Apply for Eurocard

  • Reimbursment of travel and expenses

    Reimbursment of travel and expenses

    Apply for a reimbursement of your trips and expenses.

    To have your travel and expenses reimbursed, you need to fill out and submit an expense form in Agresso Web. Travel and expenses claims must be registered as soon as possible and be submitted at the latest one month after your travel or purchase has been completed.

    Please notice that the process from now on is digital and that you have to enclose your receipts to your travel expense claims and expenses electronically. Finance will no longer accept manual travel/expenses.

    Payments made by credit card through NHH are automatically uploaded into Agresso Web as long as you have registered your current card number into your personal information, so that you can include them into your expense form. You therefore do not need to wait for the credit card invoice before filling out the form. Please be aware that you have to enclose your receipts even if you import credit card transactions.

    Remember that for electronic flight tickets, you need to enclose a travel description, electronic ticket and boarding pass to confirm that you have completed the trip. For other flight tickets, enclose the ticket stub. If you have paid for the ticket yourself, you need to enclose a copy of the invoice. If the travel was covered by someone else, you need to specify the details. If the expense is shared among several clients, please enclose a copy of the travel expense claim sent to the other client.

    To register travel expense claims and other expenses, use the following address: and log in using email address and your ordinary password.