Xinlu Qiu

PhD Candidate Xinlu Qiu

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Strategy and Management


Xinlu Qiu is a Ph.D. research scholar in the Strategy and Management Department with a concentration in Inter-organizational relations at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Her research interests include knowledge transfer in alliances, boundary spanning role and activities, and inter-firm collaboration. She is currently at work on her dissertation, which includes three papers. Tentative topics are ‘The roles of boundary spanners and mentalizing skills in alliance learning and knowledge transfer’, ‘Boundary spanning roles and activities: A Systematic Review of the literature’, and ‘The roles of boundary spanners and their regulatory focus in alliance learning’. 

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Qiu, Xinlu, Cano-Kollmann, Marcelo, Mudambi, Ram Competitiveness and connectivity in design innovation: a study of Norwegian furniture industry Competitiveness Review: an international business journal Volume 27 (5), page 533 - 548, 2017
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