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Vít Procházka is a PhD student at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He holds an Engineering degree (graduated in 2014) in Mathematical Engineering from Brno University of Technology. During his master program he worked on optimization models for waste management in the Czech Republic. His major interest in research is stochastic optimization and its application to shipping logistics. He works under the supervision of Stein W. Wallace and Roar Ådland.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Prochazka, Vit; Ådland, Roar Os; Wallace, Stein William The value of foresight in the drybulk freight market Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice Volume 129; page 232 - 245; 2019
Prochazka, Vit; Wallace, Stein William Stochastic programs with binary distributions: structural properties of scenario trees and algorithms Computational Management Science Volume 15 (3-4); page 397 - 410; 2018
Šomplák, Radovan; Pavlas, Martin; Kropáč, Jiří; Putna, Ondřej; Prochazka, Vit Logistic model-based tool for policy-making towards sustainable waste management Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy Volume 16 (7); page 1275 - 1286; 2014
Ådland, Roar Os; Prochazka, Vit The value of timecharter optionality in the drybulk market Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review Volume 145 (15 pages); 2020
Prochazka, Vit; Ådland, Roar Os Ocean Mesh Grid: Applications in Shipping Modeling IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management; page 330 - 334; 2020
Prochazka, Vit; Wallace, Stein William Scenario tree construction driven by heuristic solutions of the optimization problem Computational Management Science Volume 17; page 277 - 307; 2020
Prochazka, Vit; Ådland, Roar Os; Wolff, Francois-Charles Contracting decisions in the crude oil transportation market: Evidence from fixtures matched with AIS data Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice Volume 130; page 37 - 53; 2019
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