Marita Kristiansen

Associate Professor Marita Kristiansen

+47 55 95 92 82
Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication
Centre for Ethics and Economics
Language and Communication Terminology management Professional communication Language policy and planning Economic discourse


Marita Kristiansen joined the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in her current position in 2003. She holds a cand.merc. degree from NHH and received her degree from the University of Bergen in May 2005.

Marita Kristiansen’s research focuses on terminology and specialised lexicography, including corpora and language resources, language policy and planning as well as neology studies, including domain and term dynamics in economic-administrative domains. Her work has been published in international journals such as Terminology, Studies in Corpus Linguistics, and Terminology Science and Research: Journal of the International Institute of Terminology Research.

She currently heads the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions' terminology group as well as the Norwegian Language Council’s national committee for language for specific purposes, in society and higher education (Fagråd for fagspråk og språk i samfunn og høgre utdanning). She is also a member of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ network for parallel language use in Nordic higher education institutions. Furthermore, she coordinates Termdist, a Nordic training initiative in terminology.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Kristiansen, Marita Concept change, term dynamics and culture-boundness in economic-administrative domains Dynamics and Terminology: An interdisciplinary perspective on monolingual and multilingual culture-bound communication; page 235 - 256; 2014
Kristiansen, Marita Hvordan ivareta et norsk fagspråk i en internasjonaliserende hverdag. Om domentap og parallellspråklig terminologiutvikling i høyere utdanning Nordand : nordisk tidsskrift for andrespråksforskning Volume 7 (2); page 85 - 112; 2012
Kristiansen, Marita Using web-based corpora to find Norwegian specialised neologies Communication and Language at Work - Bridging Theory and Practice Volume 2012 (1); page 11 - 20; 2012
Kristiansen, Marita Financial jargon in a general newspaper corpus Exploring newspaper language : using the web to create and investigate a large corpus of modern Norwegian; page 257 - 283; 2012
Kristiansen, Marita; Gjesdal, Anje Müller Lexical Dynamism and Language Planning. The Case of the Climate Change Subject Field in Norwegian TOTh 2017 Terminologie & Ontologie : Théories et Applications; 2018
Kristiansen, Marita The use of blogs to identify specialised neologisms VII Terminology Summit Social Media and Terminology work; page 70 - 78; 2016
Kristiansen, Marita; Thorbergsdottir, Águsta Termdist - a joint Nordic terminology training intitiative Tänkta termer - Terminologihänsyn i nordiskt perspektiv; page 269 - 290; 2016
Andersen, Gisle; Kristiansen, Marita Termportalen som infrastruktur for terminologi i Norge Terminologen; page 53 - 60; 2015
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Professional English, business institutions, business communication, LSP and terminology, specialised communication skills, specialised translation