Marc Goñi Tràfach

Assistant Professor Marc Goni

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Economic History Intergenerational Inequality Family Economics

Marc Goñi is assistant professor at NHH, Department of Economics  and FAIR. He holds a PhD in Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and has worked at the University of Vienna.

Marc’s research interests are in economic history and inter-generational inequality. Specifically, he studies how family decisions within historical elites contributed to the persistence of inequality. These family decisions include marriage, inheritance, and how parents pass down human capital and social connections to their children.

In his most recent paper, Marc and David de la Croix study how nepotism among university professors affected scientific progress in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution. Marc has also studied the determinants of assortative matching by analyzing “the world's most exclusive marriage market”—the London Season, where the high society of Victorian Britain sent their offspring to find Mr. and Mrs. Right. Together with Paula E. Gobbi, Marc showed that the strict settlement—an inheritance scheme combining primogeniture and land entailment—ensured the survival of aristocratic lineages in England. Finally, Marc has studied how landownership concentration affected the provision of state education in late-19C England.

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