Laura Khoury

Postdoctoral Fellow Laura Khoury

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Labour Economics Tax and Public Economics Economics of Crime

Laura Khoury joined the Norwegian School of Economics in 2019 as a Postdoctoral researcher. She received her PhD in economics in September 2019 from the Paris School of Economics. Her primary research areas are labour economics, public economics and the economics of crime. She is particularly interested in understanding the interactions between social insurance and the labour market. In her PhD thesis, she studied how firms and workers respond to the incentives created by unemployment insurance during employment. More recently, she started working with Katrine V. Løken on the effects of different forms of sanctions on recidivism, considering possible spillover effects.

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Brandily, Paul; Brébion, Clément; Briole, Simon; Khoury, Laura A poorly understood disease? The impact of COVID-19 on the income gradient in mortality over the course of the pandemic European Economic Review Volume 140; 2021
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