Johannes Mauritzen

Adjunct Associate Professor Johannes Mauritzen

Business and Management Science
Energy Management Science Industrial Organization Applied Statistics Business Economics Data Science

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Mauritzen, Johannes; Sucarrat, Genaro Increasing Or Diversifying Risk?Tail Correlations, Transmission Flows And Prices Across Wind Power Areas Energy Journal Volume 43 (3); page 105 - 131; 2021
Mauritzen, Johannes The Covid-19 shock on a low-carbon grid: Evidence from the nordics Energy Policy Volume 156; page 1 - 15; 2021
Mauritzen, Johannes Will the locals benefit?: The effect of wind power investments on rural wages Energy Policy Volume 142 (10 pages); 2020
Tangerås, Thomas; Mauritzen, Johannes Real-time versus day-ahead market power in a hydro-based electricity market The Journal of Industrial Economics Volume 66 (4); page 904 - 941; 2019
Mauritzen, Johannes Are Solar Panels Commodities? Evidence of Quality Differences and Asymmetric Information European Journal of Operational Research Volume 280 (1); page 365 - 382; 2019
Fleten, Stein-Erik; Mauritzen, Johannes; Ullrich, Carl J. The other renewable: Hydropower upgrades and renewable portfolio standards Energy Journal Volume 39 (2); page 197 - 217; 2018
Mauritzen, Johannes Cost, Contractors and Scale: An Empirical Analysis of the California Solar Market Energy Journal Volume 38 (6); page 177 - 197; 2017
Mauritzen, Johannes The effect of oil prices on field production: evidence from the Norwegian continental shelf Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics Volume 79 (1); page 124 - 144; 2016
Mauritzen, Johannes Now or Later? Trading wind power closer to real-time and how poorly designed subsidies lead to higher balancing costs Energy Journal Volume 36 (4); page 149 - 164; 2015
Mauritzen, Johannes How price spikes can help overcome the energy efficiency gap Economics Letters Volume 134; page 114 - 117; 2015
Mauritzen, Johannes Scrapping a wind turbine: Policy changes, scrapping incentives and why wind turbines in good locations get scrapped first Energy Journal Volume 35 (2); page 157 - 181; 2014
Mauritzen, Johannes Dead Battery? Wind Power, the Spot Market, and Hydropower Interaction in the Nordic Electricity Market Energy Journal Volume 34 (1); page 103 - 124; 2013
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