Iris Stuart

Professor Iris Stuart

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Accounting, Auditing and Law
Accounting and Auditing

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Stuart, Bruce; Stuart, Iris; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Audit education : Toward virtue and duty Accounting ethics education : Making ethics real; page 39 - 63; 2021
Kulset, Ellen Hiorth Marthinsen; Stuart, Iris Auditor-client negotiations over disputed accounting issues: Evidence from one of the Norwegian Big 4 firms International Journal of Auditing (14 pages); 2018
Stuart, Iris; Shin, Yong-Chul; Cram, Donald P.; Karan, Vijay Review of choice-based, matched, and other stratified sample studies in auditing research Journal of Accounting Literature Volume 32 (1); page 88 - 113; 2013
Stuart, Iris; Prawitt, Douglas F. Firm-Level Formalization and Auditor Performance on Complex Tasks Behavioral Research in Accounting Volume 24 (2); page 193 - 210; 2012
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