Henning Hermes

Assistant Professor Henning Hermes

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Behavioural economics Experimental Economics Economics of Education

Henning Hermes is Assistant Professor in Behavioral and Experimental Economics at the Department of Economics and the FAIR Center of Excellence at NHH Bergen.

Henning is a behavioral and experimental economist with special research interest in the economics of education, human capital development, child development, and early investments. Most of his research projects are large-scale RCTs / field-experiments but he also conducts lab-in-the-field and lab experimental studies. More specifically, he has worked on self-regulation training, working memory training, strategic interaction, cooperation, and early childhood education.

Before joining NHH Bergen and FAIR in fall 2017, Henning finished his PhD at the University of Mainz, entitled "Fostering Non-Cognitive Skills to Affect Economic Outcomes — Evidence from Randomized-Controlled Field and Lab Experimental Studies”. Prior to that, he completed diplomas in Economics and in Psychology.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Hermes, Henning; Huschens, Martin; Rothlauf, Franz; Schunk, Daniel Motivating low-achievers—Relative performance feedback in primary schools Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (15 pages); 2021
Hermes, Henning; Schunk, Daniel If you could read my mind–an experimental beauty-contest game with children Experimental Economics (25 pages); 2021
Hermes, Henning; Hett, Florian; Mechtel, Mario; Schmidt, Felix; Schunk, Daniel; Wagner, Valentin Do Children Cooperate Conditionally? Adapting the Strategy Method for First-Graders Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; 2019
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