Are Oust

Are Oust joined the Norwegian School of Economics as an Adjunct Associate professor in 2014. He is an Associate professor at Trondheim Business School since 2013. Oust has a PhD in Economics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology from 2013.  In addition, he has an MSc in Economics from 2005 and an MSc in Accounting and Auditing from 2007, both from Norwegian School of Economics. Are Oust’ research focuses on analysis of the housing market and house prices. He gives courses in introduction to finance and valuation. Oust has a short career as an auditor in Deloitte.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Olaussen, Jon Olaf; Oust, Are; Solstad, Jan Tore; Kristiansen, Lena Energy Performance Certificates- The role of the energy price Energies Volume 12 (18) (14 pages); 2019
Kotulla, Theresa; Denstadli, Jon Martin; Oust, Are; Beusker, Elisabeth What Does It Take to Make the Compact City Liveable for Wider Groups? Identifying Key Neighbourhood and Dwelling Features Sustainability Volume 11 (12); page 1 - 18; 2019
Oust, Are; Hansen, Simen N.; Pettrem, Tobias R. Combining Property Price Predictions from Repeat Sales and Spatially Enhanced Hedonic Regressions Journal of real estate finance and economics; page 1 - 25; 2019
Kjærland, Frode; Meland, Maria; Oust, Are; Øyen, Vilde How can Bitcoin Price Fluctuations be Explained? International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues Volume 8 (3); page 323 - 332; 2018
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