Passez de très bonnes fêtes!

21 December 2015 08:42

(updated: 21 December 2016 08:45)

Passez de très bonnes fêtes!

It’s almost Christmas! And let me tell you, I am quite excited for a break!

Christmas in Paris

About Dominique Farag

2nd year, MSc in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment
From: Egypt/USA

I take pride in the fact that my friends call me ‘globetrotter’; I’m originally from Egypt but Norway is already the 4th country that I call home. My goal in life is to visit as many places on this planet at least once and to be able to call quite a few of them home.
After finishing my undergrad at the University of Washington in Seattle and working in the consulting industry for three years, I decided to go back to school and pursue my master’s degree at NHH. I moved to Bergen in August 2014. I applied for NHH’s Double Degree programme and after finishing my first year at NHH, I have now started my Double Degree year with HEC in Paris. Please reach out to me in case you have any questions!

written by: Dominique

My first semester at HEC is ending later today, and it’s been an intense four months.

For everyone who is considering the double degree program between NHH and HEC, just make sure you prep yourself mentally for an intense program.
While most classes at NHH system follow the typical Norwegian system of having pass/fail assignments throughout the semester and one final paper or presentation at the end, you constantly have work to be submitted at HEC. The number of credits that you take per semester especially during the fall semester is also very high and you’ll constantly feel that you have too much on your plate. But I guess that’s part of the fun.

The other good news is that the second semester at HEC includes so much more than just courses. Over the course of 18 days between January and April, the class will be divided in several groups which are conducting different paid consulting projects for real life companies in France and abroad. The consulting project missions are set by the companies and tailored to their needs, but they all involve sustainability in one way or another. My team consists of two other students and myself, and we will be working with Altarea Codegim, a property group, on updating their CSR strategy and communications. I’m already looking forward to it!

And since the class is being paid for the work by the companies, the money is used every year to fund a class trip in April to “anywhere” in the world, where the students get the chance to see social businesses and entrepreneurs in action. This year, our class picked Cuba as our destination, so over the next few months we will be preparing our trip there.
But for now, we get the chance to celebrate the completion of our first semester and head to different places all over to spend the holidays with friends and family!

HEC students

Hope you all do the same!


Dominique :-)