Late Nights at NHH

2 March 2016 09:00

(updated: 6 December 2016 08:31)

Late Nights at NHH

This is my first post on NHH Student Blog (check out the summary of me). Lets get to it. When I was applying for NHH and gathering information about this university, what I was really looking for was a flavor of what studying here means. Well, the other night I had an experience that I find very explanatory.


About Sebastiano Pescarolo

Despite coming from a little town close to Venice (which you can see on my pic), I have early started to feel a citizen of the world. Eager to know new cultures, I have been travelling since I was a child, ending up on exchange in Moscow, Russia during my bachelor. After 2 years in the financial industry in Milan, Italy I felt the need to further my education while experiencing something different. Thanks to my friends’ suggestions, I came to NHH, where I am pursuing the M.Sc. in Finance and CEMS Master in International Management, which will take me to Hong Kong on my last semester. As Deputy Leader and Treasurer of the MEBA Council I oversee the financial side of MEBA operations as well as those of TEDxBergen.

Written by: sebastiano pescarolo

First of all, hi and welcome!

Thursday night, typical student night-out here in Bergen, as in most of the world, I guess. We had a meeting about TEDxBergen where our agenda was to define the theme for the conference in 2016. 8pm the meeting is over, many ideas, but no unanimity on the choice. Instead of joining the others for a beer, I had to study. Case-based courses are quite demanding and I needed to be prepared for discussion in class the next day, I didn’t want to disappoint the professor!

Well, I must have missed a very nice night since a couple of my friends came back to our office very happy. I realized that studying time was over and a late night talk was about to begin. It turned out to be quite inspirational, as most late night-talks are. At 3 am everybody went back home. Where? Only 5 minutes away, the student houses known as Hatleberg, where most of the international students at NHH live. All in all, a normal day at NHH, but it made me think about a couple of points we usually take for granted:

  • You have access to university facilities with your student card 24/7 and you can leave the university at 3 am with no worries for your safety. (On the other hand, this is Norway and the campus canteen doesn’t stay open late in the evening. Luckily, the guys behind the counter at the nearby Statoil gas station cheer up students with coffee, food and smiles all day round.)
  • You can really experience a campus life, all students are involved in at least one group and it’s not unusual to find many of them working or studying during the weekend.
  • You can work out in the gym located right next to campus (solarium and sauna included).
  • Moreover, one of the most popular clubs in Bergen is…in the basement of the university! Therefore, you can end up going there right after studying if you feel like it.

This basically means that you could, if you wanted, spend all your time at the campus and nearby areas and still have all the basics for a comfortable student life. Not that I am suggesting it; Bergen has a lot more to offer!

panoramic view from NHH
View from NHH to the city of Bergen

Anyway, I think the best place to live is Hatleberg, which could be considered an international exclave in Bergen. These old (but continuously refurnished) apartment blocks on the top of the hill probably have one of the world’s best scenic views as far as student housing is concerned, with a direct view to the fjord. Here, various generations of Norwegian and international students have dreamt about their future…and still do! It’s a real melting pot where you can smell (and maybe taste) food from all over the world and where all nights-out start and finish.

Winter landscape NHH to the right
Winter landscape, NHH to the right

Campus life is one of the main reasons that made me apply for NHH, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. One can still just study and not join any group, but I think he/she is going to miss a big part of the experience. NHH is a small university and feeling part of its family is really easy and rewarding.

I hope I gave you some nice insights about campus life at NHH. This is a special period since UKEN, a student-run culture festival, is happening as we speak. Headline artists Axwell&Ingrosso are coming soon and I haven’t decided whether to attend the concert yet, I’ll get back to you on that soon.

I’m going to end this post like a Norwegian would:

“Takk for nå, vi høres snart!”.