Birthday Week!

30 October 2015 12:49

(updated: 21 December 2016 12:56)

Birthday Week!

What else? Tomorrow, I’m turning 24 years old! It’s a strange feeling because part of me still feels 5 and a half, and ready to take on the world.


About Hanna Kristin Trønnes

2nd year, MSc in Economics and Business Administration & CEMS MIM

From: Canada/Oslo

I’m a 24-year-old “halfsy” born in Canada, and raised in Oslo. From grade 4-7 I lived in Reykjavik. As a result, I feel a bit rootless, and love to explore the world. My passions are yoga, Pilates and dance. I teach five times per week at the student gym. I’m also tapping into my ethical side by being a student assistant in business ethics. This fall, I started the CEMS masters, and will be going to Sydney in the spring. I just couldn’t get enough of Australia after my bachelor exchange to Brisbane. After all, I still have the West Coast and New Zealand to discover! Last year, I lived in India for six months, worked for an IT company and did a yoga instructor course. The experience blew me away, so much in fact that I had to write a book about it! What else? I love meeting new people, and I am trying to learn Italian.

Written by: Hanna

The last few weeks have been busy with hand-ins and exam preparation. It is strange that we wrapped up the second to last negation lecture today. It was, as always, great fun to negotiate a deal with the group. Each week, the negotiations get a little bit harder, with more variables to take into account. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship classes are also inspiring, and our teacher has encouraged us to start our own business with the right tools.

View overlooking Bergen

On the weekends I have worked out, gone swimming and sat in the sauna at SiB with a friend who did her bachelor in Bodø and started her master at NHH this fall. She is originally from Tromsø and great fun. A couple of weekends ago, a Sweedish friend from Stockholm who I met on exchange in Brisbane in 2012 came to visit me in Bergen. On Thursday, she joined my Pilates class at Studentsenteret. On Friday, we went to 5. Kullshow together, a big dance show set up by the 5th year students at NHH to set up a show together one last time before finishing university. It was great fun to see my friends up on the stage dancing, and she was impressed by the student culture at NHH. The day after, we visited Fløyen and the art gallery Kode where we were inspired by Picasso and Munch. We ate brunch at the cosy cafe Colonialen beside Litteraturhuset.

On Sunday we walked up Ulriken for a stunning view and hot chocolate with cream!

Kode Bergen
Picasso at KODE museum

What else? Tomorrow, I’m turning 24 years old! It’s a strange feeling because part of me still feels 5 and a half, and ready to take on the world 🙂 I am celebrating with a birthday dinner with friends. Hopefully I can still take on the world at 24 with the same confidence as that 5-year-old kid 🙂 I hope to find a consulting, HR, or marketing related job I like, and someday travel the world.