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7 September 2015 10:50

(updated: 2 January 2017 10:55)

Back to School

After a wonderful exchange semester with CEMS MIM in Sydney, I am ready to for my last semester with subjects at the Norwegian School of Economics

 Semester in Sydney
My semester in Sydney

About Hanna Kristin Trønnes

2nd year, MSc in Economics and Business Administration & CEMS MIM

From: Canada/Oslo

I’m a 24-year-old “halfsy” born in Canada, and raised in Oslo. From grade 4-7 I lived in Reykjavik. As a result, I feel a bit rootless, and love to explore the world. My passions are yoga, Pilates and dance. I teach five times per week at the student gym. I’m also tapping into my ethical side by being a student assistant in business ethics. This fall, I started the CEMS masters, and will be going to Sydney in the spring. I just couldn’t get enough of Australia after my bachelor exchange to Brisbane. After all, I still have the West Coast and New Zealand to discover! Last year, I lived in India for six months, worked for an IT company and did a yoga instructor course. The experience blew me away, so much in fact that I had to write a book about it! What else? I love meeting new people, and I am trying to learn Italian.

After a wonderful exchange semester with CEMS MIM in Sydney, I am ready to for my last semester with subjects at the Norwegian School of Economics. Studying at NHH has given me friends and memories for life, and I am taking in the atmosphere at school, looking at the new faces with curiosity (while missing my friends who have started working in Oslo), and enjoying hikes in the gorgeous late summer weather.

Sydney Skyline
Sydney Skyline

During my semester in Sydney, I got to take classes that were very hands-on. We had case competitions and case presentations in most of our classes. In addition, CEMS offers a variety of skill seminars. Experienced professionals came to the university to teach us about international leadership, how it was to be a female leader, how to be a good consultant, teamwork and communication. My class even got to take a Gallup’s strength test, and a woman with experience in the field showed us how to play on our strengths.

I took a class called Global Marketing Management where we had to improve the business and marketing plan of a surf- and yoga start up, and present the plan to the CEO of the company. In the second semester of the CEMS year, all CEMS students have to complete a business project. The Business Project is a real-life consulting project assigned by companies such as Accenture, EY, KPMG, Virgin Mobile and L’Oréal. I have friends who have done CEMS at NHH, and made good relations and future jobs after working closely with a company for several months. My teammates in the business project were CEMS students from Czech Republic, Germany and Australia, and we had a great time working on our market entry strategy into Australia and New Zealand for a medical technology investment company.

We spent several evenings at our Aussie friend’s house working on the project. Her parents even cooked us veal dinner while we were working!

Surf camp
Surf camp

The CEMS class went on a surf camp together in the beginning of the semester. In the weekends we planned outings with the ferry to Manly beach, the ZOO and Bondi, in addition to attending wine and food festivals and meeting up to cook or for the popular Aussie brunch (or “brekkie” as they like to call it) with smashed avocado (avo) and feta on toast, and other specialties. It is safe to say that my class had amazing people from all over the world.

My classmates inspired me with their work experience from every corner of the world including Sao Paolo, Argentina, New York, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Canada.

My work place
My work place

Our courses took place on the 17th floor of a skyscraper downtown, which was the MBA campus of University of Sydney Business School. I remember strolling down the streets of Sydney, people-watching men and women rushing off to meetings in their suits, silk blouses and high heels.


Downtown Sydney

For lunch, my classmates and I would head to the food court and grab sushi, salads or Thai food to sit and eat in Hyde park. After uni, we would take the bus out to Bondi to do the Bondi – Coogee walk. The nature surrounding the coastline was magnificent – waves crashing onto the cliffs, people doing yoga on the grass, and surfers catching the rip tide in the many beaches along the coast.

I wonder what my classmates from Sydney are doing now, and prepare for my case negotiation in tomorrow’s class 🙂

Coast line Bondi
Coast Line Bondi