#NHHWorldWide - My NHH Experience

15 December 2015 09:01

(updated: 12 December 2016 09:37)

#NHHWorldWide - My NHH Experience

Five years of student life at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen have gone by in a flash!

My NHH Experience

About Hanna Kristin Trønnes

2nd year, MSc in Economics and Business Administration & CEMS MIM

From: Canada/Oslo

I’m a 24-year-old “halfsy” born in Canada, and raised in Oslo. From grade 4-7 I lived in Reykjavik. As a result, I feel a bit rootless, and love to explore the world. My passions are yoga, Pilates and dance. I teach five times per week at the student gym. I’m also tapping into my ethical side by being a student assistant in business ethics. This fall, I started the CEMS masters, and will be going to Sydney in the spring. I just couldn’t get enough of Australia after my bachelor exchange to Brisbane. After all, I still have the West Coast and New Zealand to discover! Last year, I lived in India for six months, worked for an IT company and did a yoga instructor course. The experience blew me away, so much in fact that I had to write a book about it! What else? I love meeting new people, and I am trying to learn Italian.

written by: hanna

In the spring I will be writing my thesis at my friend’s house in Brazil and in Oslo. I am leaving for Brazil December 26th.

Even though it rains in Bergen, and I have had my moments where I have wanted to escape the misty days with sideways-rain, some of the best moments of my life have happened here. I’ve made friends for life at NHH and through exchanges. These friendships have taught me that friends can be found anywhere, and that regardless of where we are from, we are still so very much the same. NHH students have shown me kindness, intelligence, teamwork and inspired me with all the cool things they do.

Bryggen in Bergen
Bryggen in Bergen

I remember driving from Oslo to Bergen with my dad and a car loaded full of clothes, stopping at the waterfall Vøringfossen and taking a ferry on the way “over the mountains”. The first thing that struck me when I saw Bergen was that it looked like a city surrounded by mountains in the middle of the vast Atlantic Ocean (nowhere). The sun was out, and when the sun is out in Bergen, everybody is outside enjoying an ice cream or sitting by Bryggen, enjoying a meal in the sun.

Hanna student blogger at NHH

In my first year, I met a lot of people while living at Hatleberg. The week before the preparatory math course, we went swimming in the sea and hiking on Stoltzen and Fløyen. The days were sunny and warm even two weeks later in our welcome week.
During the introductory math course, I befriended a girl from Fredrikstad and another from Voss, and a year later we decided to be mentors in the welcome week of 2011.

I remember sitting at the welcome ceremony in a pencil skirt and blazer and feeling awfully shy and nervous of meeting my welcome week group. I said hello to the person next to me who was new at NHH as well, he was going to take his master there. Then I walked over to the canteen alone and saw group 36 waving at me, and I thought to myself: “What if they don’t like me? What if I don’t make any friends? I don’t even like to drink, what if they find out?” All worries aside, the week was amazing and we all became friends.

NHH Hanna blogger
Celebrating 17th of May in national costumes
NHH blogger Hanna
NHH blogger Hanna
NHH blogger Hanna

Today, we are a bit spread out; one of my mentors is doing her PhD at NHH, a few are working in Oslo, and one is studying medicine in Bergen. I shared a flat with one of the girls from my welcome week on exchange in Sydney this spring.

Eventually, I moved into a boathouse by the water with five dear friends. When the sun shone, we ate breakfast overlooking the sea and screeched as we jumped in the chilly Bergen sea. I talked to Kygo before he was famous when he mowed the lawn and painted the house, because we rented from his mother. When my friends I lived with told me it was Kygo this summer, they laughed that I hadn’t realized before.

Students at NHH
NHH Hanna student blogger
Students at NHH in Bergen

The memories from NHH are numerous. I especially remember flying over Bergen in my friend’s small plane, and the time my roommate and I drove to Ikea and attended Bergen Film Festival, and laughed the whole time, while playing music in the car. I fell in love, I had my heart broken, I got E on accounting and learned that life goes on, and to try to accept failure gracefully. It’s a part of life too.

Flying over Bergen

I think these five years have taught me about finding happiness in the small things, great people and the moments, and that the world is an incredible place. This semester, I found myself studying for exams, and replacing a bit of traditional exam stress with the thoughts, “this is kind of nice, I get a month to focus on one task: learning, at my own pace. And I get to say hello to new faces, and eat lunch with my friends. The evenings even give time for a workout in the gym.”

NHH studentblog
Hanna student blogger NHH

As a little girl, I dreamt of becoming a ballerina and a princess and learning step-aerobics like Jane Fonda in mom’s exercise videos. Instead, I got to learn about economics and business, strategic management and marketing. Through SiB, I took yoga, pilates and strength courses. I was lucky to have the chance to teach these classes at the student gym – teaching is a big source of energy and happiness. I got to work as a support contact, student assistant in two courses, and had fun representing NHH at a school tour promoting higher education to high school students in Oslo.

NHH students in Queensland
NHH student blogger Hanna

Through NHH, I had the chance of going on wonderful exchanges to Brisbane and Sydney in my bachelor and masters. In a gap year between the bachelor and masters, I worked in an IT business in India for 7 months, took a yoga certification exam and wrote a book about my experience in India. The same year, I moved to Rome in February to learn Italian to use as my CEMS language. I got to participate in CEMS, and meet so many nice people in the course of these five years. I feel incredibly happy and grateful, and all I can say is: Wow! What a wonderful ride. Thanks to all the passengers I met along the way.

Hanna :-)