Postponed deadline for grading of thesis

Postponed deadline for grading of thesis

As you may know, NHH introduced new national standards for the grading of master thesis last year.

This is a significant change, and NHH focuses strongly on implementing the new standards in the best possible way to prevent any negative consequences for you. At the introduction of the new standards in 2015, NHH followed thorough procedures to monitor the grading process and ensure consistent grading practices in the transition to the new standards, and we will follow the same procedure this year.

To have sufficient time for such a quality control, NHH has decided to allow extra time for the grading process this summer. This means that you will most likely receive your grade two to three weeks later than the normal six weeks after submission. However, you will under no circumstances receive your grade later than August 15th (i.e., six plus two weeks after the final deadline for submission June 20th).

Read more about the new descriptions of grades.

We wish you good luck with completing your master’s thesis.